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OCTOBER 14*-23, 2022

NEW DATE and location

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October 15 – 23, 2022
Miami Beach Convention Center

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We are pleased to announce the new location for L'automobile 2022

Miami International Auto Show at the Miami Beach Convention Center

A revolutionary annual show to elevate the automotive scene in South Florida by delivering experience, interaction and sustainability.

We aim to align automotive manufacturers and their consumers through

innovation, technology and education.

Collaborating with the vibrant and diverse automotive scene here in South Florida we aim to bring Miami back into the forefront of the automotive scene.

October 14: L'automobile Gala sponsored by 

October 15-23: L'automobile at the Miami International Auto Show

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Supercar Rooms Miami proudly presents: 2022 L'automobile 100 Gala taking place in conjunction with The Miami Auto International Show at the Miami Beach Convention Center on October 14, 2022.

The exclusive Gala will be sponsored by DigitalSelf® an immersive technology company. A development company whose platform is aimed at creating virtual lifestyles and universal access to the Metaverse. In DigitalSelf®, consumers will increasingly spend part of their everyday life transported into virtual environments where they will socialize, connect and engage in immersive experiences. DigitalSelf® and the DigitalSelf® Wallet are the first apps built to deliver our vision of a universally accessible digital representation of our lives, content and memories. In the DigitalSelf® apps, we are building an ecosystem where our users can leap into festivals, soccer matches, conferences, colleges, concerts, museums, championship sports and even medical appointments anywhere on Earth.

For more information: https://digital-self.com

L'automobile is proud to announce this years charity of choice is 'The Phoenix Life Project' in memory and celebration of the victims of the Surfside collapse. The mission of the Phoenix Life Project is to create awareness and provide resources to those in need of mental and emotional recovery from PTSD through establishing a national network of providers to assist victims of trauma, first responders, veterans, their families and communities. A project that is dedicated to healing the human calamity and distraught emotions, post a life-altering experience.

For more information: https://phoenixlifeproject.org/

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